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Corporate Culture

Company vision:

Industry experts

Fifteen years ago, JingHao has been engaged in anti-static industry up to now, the future development of bigger and stronger in the world. JingHao with company quality first, continually increasing in the future development of r&d and innovation, do the industry experts.


Company mission:

Create a world in which no static

In an industrial era of rapid development, static electricity is everywhere, at the same time electrostatic give a negative impact on the quality of the production enterprises, we as a profession, should go beyond and innovation, to create a world in which no static for the society.


Enterprise spirit:

The pursuit of excellence to change innovation

Change innovation: is the foundation of scientific development, enterprises should have the courage to struggle, dare to challenge themselves, never stop to climb to the new and higher goal, making innovation, cross and breakthrough.

The pursuit of excellence, is the company and the employee have the courage to surpass oneself. Beyond the past, beyond others, the pursuit of better, the spirit of the enterprise's value.



The core values

Integrity responsibility innovation

\"Integrity, responsibility, innovation and dedication\" of the core values is the value pursuit of the company, is the company and the employee of vision and mission belief support and basic methods.

\"Integrity\", is the enterprise business, staff conduct moral cornerstone.

Every employee, every department, every unit, every moment to the good faith, honest and law-abiding, consistency, loyalty to the enterprise. This is company to perform his duties, realizes the enterprise and employees, company and society the basic premise of common development.

\"Responsibility\", the burden is carry, conscientious work attitude.

Companies in the economic and social development the important political responsibility and social responsibility, economic responsibility. Every employee must adhere to the part to whole, XiaoJu obey the overall situation, take the initiative to put this liability into conscious action, carry through the company decision to deploy into promoting the unification of the \"two change\" will, to work with strong motivation, be responsible for the country, responsible for enterprise and responsible for yourself.

\"Innovation\", is the basic power enterprises development and progress.

The process of the development of the company is innovation, there is no innovation can not be completed the professional anti-static enterprise in the world. Need to vigorously advocate the courage to change, dare to break the routine, before others, risk-taking spirit of innovation, promoting theoretical innovation, technology innovation, management innovation and practice innovation.


Enterprise idea

People-oriented loyalty enterprise contributing to society

\"People-oriented, loyal enterprises, contributing to society\" the enterprise idea is dealing with employees, customers, partners, and society of the relationship between the basic principles and code of conduct.

\"People-oriented\", realizing man's all-round development as the goal, respect people, care people, rely on the people and for the people.

Regard talents as the first resources of enterprises, adhere to people-oriented, common growth, social responsibility standards. Company to employees, to safeguard the fundamental interests of the employees, and fully respect employees' value and desire, ensure employees with enterprise common development; Company to the customer, take the customer as the center, began in customer demand, and finally customer satisfaction; Company to partners, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, and strive to create healthy, harmonious and orderly power operation and development environment.

\"Faithful enterprise\", it is love, care about enterprise, for the enterprise, dedication to faithfully enterprise interests and image.

The company through the establishment of perfect specification orderly, fair and reasonable, mutual benefit and win-win, harmony and stability of the socialist new labor relations, provide opportunities for staff development and stage, to fully arouse the enthusiasm of employees, initiative and creativity, win the staff to enterprise's loyalty.

\"Contributing to society\", is caring society, serve the society, repay society, fulfill social responsibility.

Companies adhere to the development of corporate social responsibility, serve the society, with the development of the company staff growth, customer satisfaction, the government trust, promote economic development, social harmony. And enthusiastic social public employees, abide by social morality, leading to the society is good, fashion sets up the company open and enterprising, good faith, responsible for the corporate image.